What is Perfect Player IPTV and how to set up IPTV using it

Another free and extremely popular application is Perfect Player IPTV. It is especially popular among Android TV users who are looking for an alternative to the native Live Channels app.

The application supports M3U and XSPF playlists. And if you want to add an electronic program guide, you can use XMLTV (ZIP, GZ, XZ) and JTV.

You also have the choice between several decoder options: native, software, hardware and accelerated hardware. Other features include the ability to watch locally saved content, support for the UDP to HTTP proxy server, and automatic synchronization with the desktop version of the application for a consistent experience.

Pretty much like GSE Smart IPTV, Perfect Player uses an eye-pleasing theme and draws inspiration from cable and satellite EPGs.

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Perfect Player IPTV main Features

Perfect Player Features
  • Optimized menus and settings for watching videos easily and setting up the app with just a few clicks on the screen.
  • Option to view IPTV lists and local device or SD card files.
  • Compatible with M3U and XSPF lists.
  • It can be controlled remotely among peripherals.
  • It automatically plays the last viewed channel.
  • Compatible with udpxy servers (UDP-TO-HTTP proxy).

How to set up an iptv subscription on Perfect Player iPTV with Logos and EPG

In this tutorial, you will learn how to configure your iptv subscription on Perfect Player iPTV and add Logos and EPG to it.

Perfect Player download

Go to the Google Play Store to download and install the Perfect Player IPTV application on your Android box.
Open the Perfect Player IPTV application
At the opening, move on the notched wheel on the far right and click on it. Choose the option “Main” and “playlist”. Paste the m3u link of your iptv subscription or if you have a m3u file, then select the small folder on the right. The Android tree opens and choose the “Download” folder. Find your m3u file, click OK.

View your list

The list of IPTV channels has now been added to the application. But there is still a lot of formatting to do like the logo of each chain. Perfect Player IPTV has a large logo panel. To do this, go to the options (press ok on your 5sec remote control and on our new menu choose “Main menu” and our toothed wheel.

Choice of logos

Once in the options, select “Complement” and check “The method of choosing logos”. Go back to your playlist. Go to the options (“ok for 5sec”) and “Display list of logos”. You will be able to assign each channel its logo. (right-left to select the channel, up-down to assign the logo with your remote control).

It starts to take shape
Now we have all the logos on all our channels, which makes our IPTV playlist a little less hostile. We are now missing EPG, our program guide, for the program we are watching and those to come.
Choose your EPG

First, I recommend using the EPG from KodiTVEpg.com which is relatively simple to obtain. Just choose your country on the map and access the download links. Then copy the XML link (Uncompressed) to obtain the guide in xml format.

Activate your EPG file

In the Perfect Player IPTV application go to the options (ok for 5s, Main menu, toothed wheel), select “Main” and “EPG”. Enter the XML link of the previously recovered EPG file. Then OK. Backspace then “Complement” and check “EPG choice mode”. Return to your IPTV playlist

Display the EPG list

When you return to your playlist, the app will load your EPG for a few seconds, you can see the progress at the top right. Once loaded, go to the options and choose “Show EPG list”. Not all channels in red have EPGs, so you need to assign them.

Assign your EPG file to your IPTV playlist

As for the choice of logos, with your remote control do right-left to choose the channel and up-down to select the EPG then OK to assign the EPG to the corresponding channel.

End of configuration

We did the biggest. Return to the options, then “Main Menu”. Go to “Add-in” and leave only the “Download logos” option checked. You can now return to your IPTV Playlist. Go to the options and choose “Show EPG list”. Not bad isn’t it ?

Choose layout

By going to option you can change the arrangement of channels and EPG, it’s up to you to choose the one you like!

Choosing the Perfect Player IPTV Theme

If you find the theme a little too dull, you can choose more colorful ones that will look better on a TV. Go to option, then “Main Menu” and the gear wheel, choose “User interface” and “Theme”. Choose the one that suits you and restart the application

Your IPTV subscription is optimized

Your application is now fully configured. You have to admit that your IPTV playlist is much less tinkered and you can take full advantage of your IPTV subscription!

Maintenance of Perfect Player IPTV

Your application will need an update, like your m3u file if new channels are added to your bouquet. But do not panic, the channel / logo / EPG assignment remains intact except for the new channels.

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