Ottplayer App: How to Set up on all Devices

The Ottplayer app allows you to view your m3u playlist of TV channels purchased from an internet provider or found on the net. This application is available for free for a large number of devices, PCs, Macs, smartphones and Samsung and LG smart TVs.

We will see in this tutorial, how to configure and install Ottplayer to watch your IPTV channels directly on Smart TVs , without using an Android TV box.

We will take as an example the Samsung Smart TV series E (2012), but in this tutorial you will find the installation method on all other Samsung and LG televisions.

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How do I set up an OttPlayer account?

OTTPlayer IPTV App

Open an OttPlayer account

  • Go to the following address:
  • Click on the account tab on the left of the screen
  • Click on register
  • Between the requested information (username, e-mail address, password)
  • Answer the question asked
  • Then click on OK
  • Go to the e-mail account you provided, to validate the registration
  • Go to account on the left of the screen
  • Enter your email address and password to connect
  • Answer the Captcha question
  • Then click on OK

You can now access your account

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How to set up your Samsang and LG Smart TV on OttPlayer

The method of installing Ottplayer differs depending on the type of TV and the series of TVs.
Ottplayer is an application that is available in the official applications library of most of these TVs. It can be installed like any other application.

However in some of these televisions the available version is too old, badly translated and is not up to date.

As an example, this is the case of the version available on my Samsang Smart Tv E series TV (2012).

To install it, just do the following steps:

  • Go to Samsung apps
  • Go to video apps
  • Search Ottplayer
  • Click on it
  • Download

At the end of the download, launch the application.

The application is in Russian, and was launched in 2016.

If it is this application that you have in your Samsung or LG application library, follow the steps detailed above. Otherwise you can go directly to the step of adding your television on the ottplayer site and the addition of m3u playlists.

How to delete Ottplayer app?

To delete the application, simply:

  • Select the application with the remote control without clicking on it
  • Click on the tool button on your remote control
  • Then delete the application.

We will use another method of installing another version of the Ottplayer application, as recommended in the official website of OttPlayer.

The method we will use is valid for Samsung TV Series E, but you will find the method for your Samsung TV Series C, D, E, F, H, as well as for LG TVs at the end of this article.

For Samsung smart Tv E series TVs:

  • Change the connection account by pressing spot A (red) on your remote control
  • Log out of the existing account
  • Press the A button on the remote control again
  • Open a new session
  • In Samsung account write “develop”
  • Then Ok
  • Type the password: 000000 (zero 6 times)
  • Then Ok
  • Then open a session

You are now logged in as a develop

To download the Ottplayer application from the server:

  • Go to smart Hub
  • Press the tools button on the remote control
  • Go to settings
  • Development
  • Check the agreement box to accept the terms of use
  • Click on Ok
  • Go to configure the ip address of the server
  • Enter the following address: 88 150 252 53
  • Press enter
  • Then go to synchronize the application
  • Wait for the Ottplayer application to finish downloading
  • Click on return
  • Go to the application

The application is properly installed and ready to use.

How to configure the OttPlayer application on SmartTv?

In the application screen, it is possible to change several parameters according to your preferences.
You can change, for example, the appearance, colors and background image.

To make the application work properly, you just have to enter the same e-mail address and the same password that you used to connect to the Ottplayer site.

Your new SmartTV device will appear in the list of devices connected to your OttPlayer account. To verify, your Smart TV is successfully connected to your account.

  • Go to the Ottplayer site:
  • Log in with your email address and password
  • Go to your account logo on the left of the screen
  • Go to device
  • Check that your smart TV is properly connected to your account
  • You can either delete it or change its name

How to add a channel playlist to your smart TV

You can directly watch the m3u channel playlist purchased from your IPTV provider or found on the internet without the need to use an Android TV box.

Just add your m3u playlist to your account and share it on all your devices, as already explained in a previous tutorial.

  • Go to the tab of your account on the left of the screen
  • Go to devices to verify that your devices are well connected
  • Go to playlist

You have two choices:

Either install your playlist from a file located on your computer for example in direct link
Or install from an internet link from a server provided by your internet provider or find on the web.

It is best to opt for this second choice.

  • Start by giving a name to your playlist
  • Click on File, then on select to choose the path of your link on your computer
  • select the devices on which you want to broadcast your playlist
  • Click on On and wait for the playlist to load

To play a playlist from an internet link provided by your IPTV provider

  • Give a name to your playlist
  • Choose the direct link option
  • Enter your http link containing the m3u extension

If the link address is too long you will have to shorten it using a link shortner like this:
Just copy link and shorten it

  • Paste the shortened link in the specified field
  • Select the devices on which you want to broadcast your TV playlist
  • Click on On
  • Then click on OK
  • Wait for the playlist to load.

You can now view your playlist directly on your TV without the need to use an Android TV box.
Ottplayer’s installation methods from the server on other LG and Samsung models

Samsung Smart TV:

Series C:

  • Create a new user on television.
  • Press the Internet @ TV button on the remote control.
  • Find and open the Settings menu.
  • Create a new user.
  • Select the type of user: “develop”
  • Define the PIN code: “PIN code”
  • Switch on and off. And log in with a new user.
  • Connect to Internet @ TV
  • Press the red button A to enter.
  • Select the user to be developed and enter the PIN code selected in the previous paragraph.
  • Click on “OK”
  • Add a new IP address
  • Connect to develop
  • Open the “Settings Widget” menu
  • Select the “Developer” option
  • Select “Configuration of the IP address”
  • Enter IP:

Update the list of widgets

  • Connect to develop
  • Open the “Settings Widget” menu
  • Select the “Developer” option
  • Select “Synchronize user applications”.
  • Confirm your choice.
  • Click on “OK”

Series D:

  • Create a new user on television.
  • Press the button on the SMART HUB remote control.
  • Press the red button A to enter.
  • Create a user with the name: develop
  • Define the PIN code: PIN code (6-digit number)
  • Click on “OK”. You are in “Develop” mode
  • Install / update widgets
  • Press the blue button D
  • Select the last line “Developer” and click “OK”
  • Then go to “Server IP” and enter the IP –
  • Then click on “Synchronize”.

Install the widget: OTTPlayer

  • Exit the installation menu.
  • Press the red button A and exit with the Develop user.
  • Now it’s important! We leave Smart-TV without fail, otherwise the widget will not appear.
  • We go again and go to the end of the list – there appeared a widget installed.

Series E:

Create a new user

  • Press the SmatHub button on the remote control.
  • Press the red button A to enter.
  • In the “Uses.Samsung” field, enter develop. The password will be substituted by itself.
  • Click on “Login”.

Add a new IP address

  • Sign under developer.
  • Use the Tools button to open the “Tools” section.
  • Open the “Settings” menu
  • Select the “Developer” option
  • Select configure “Server IP”. (IP address configuration)
  • Enter IP:

Update the list of widgets

  • Connect to develop
  • Use the Tools button to open the “Tools” section.
  • Open the “Settings” menu
  • Select the “Developer” option
  • Select “Synchronize user applications”.

F Series:

  • Press the button on the usual menu remote control (or on the Misc button by touch, use the arrows to navigate to the menu button on the remote control on the screen).
  • Select the “Smart Features” menu item.
  • Select “Samsung App. Samsung”, select “Connection”.
  • Enter “El.p.”: Expand
  • Enter the “Password” including the exclamation mark: sso1029dev!
  • Check “Remember password”.
  • Click on “Login”.
  • Exit the menu.

Add a new IP address

  • Click on the “Smart Hub” button.
  • Select “Add. Attach”.
  • Choose “Param”.
  • Select the “IP settings” menu item and enter the IP address of the server.
  • Type:

Update the list of widgets

  • Select the “Start App Sync” menu item.
  • If necessary, restart the TV.

H Series:

  • Open the TV menu
  • Smart Hub
  • Samsung account
  • Entrance
  • In the menu that appears, select: Connection
  • Entrance
  • To log in
  • Entrance
  • In the window that opens, enter the login name develop, the password is not necessary – at the bottom, we put a control and press Connect. Then: access the Smart Hub – direct the blue field of the console beam to one of the applications – press and hold the center cross button on the console until the Sync menu appears.
  • In the menu that appears, select: IP parameter Enter, a window appears for entering the digits of the IP address. Enter the four groups of numbers, confirming each by pressing the center button, the cross of the console (to install OTTPlayer, use IP:
  • Next: keep the same button pressed – call up the synchronize menu again and select the input option to start the user application.
  • Then, an inscription on the request of user applications from the server will appear and they will be installed: either on the main page of the Hub, or on Additional, where the end of synchronization (because its scale is missing) can be judged by the symbol in the form of arrows in the left corner of the list of installed applications.

You can also download Ottplayer from this link:

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