Mobdro: features review, setup guide

Mobdro also called Mobdro Tv, is an Android application that brings together video streams and podcasts, making them easy to browse and watch on your Android phone or tablet, or an Android TV box.

What Mobdro is used for?

Mobdro is an online TV watching application which is used to run television and video streaming channels on the smartphone or tablet over a data connection or a Wi-Fi network. We are not talking about pay-per-view like Netflix or HBO, where the user can choose what to watch and when, if not access a list of channels that are already on the air, so that he There is no option to choose the programming. That is, a list of channels that you can access and find current programming.

What sets up Mobdro from the other IPTV apps?

Unlike other apps that let you choose specific movies or TV shows, Mobdro lets you choose channels. You will then have access to any show or event currently being broadcast on this channel. This way the app basically allows you to watch cable for free.

This program is perfect for people who want to get rid of their cable subscription to cut costs, but still want access to live events and their favorite TV shows.

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How to download Mobdro?

Mobdro can be downloaded from the company’s website and works with most Android devices, such as phones, Amazon Fire and Chromecast 2. however, it is important to note that a Mobdro Premium subscription is required to use the device. app with Chromecast.

Once the app is installed, you can choose from a number of channels and live streams. These include major television networks, such as CBC, ABC, CNN and The Cartoon Network. Rarer international channels are also available such as Racing UK and BT Sport Europe. The interface is clean, smooth and easy to use.

Some Weak points about Mobdro

The only potential downside to Mobdro is that the app includes advertising. However, this is to be expected on most free apps. Ads don’t interfere with the streaming experience and overall, it’s still one of the best streaming apps available.

As with many free video streaming services, Mobdro operates in a gray area. Although it is not technically illegal, ISPs and content providers disapprove of what it does. Although it is perfectly safe to use, it is impossible to know for how long the application will be in use. Enjoy it as much as you can, because it may not be available forever.

To access the channels, there is a selection of categories available on the main page of the application and it also offers a manual finder where you can search by entering keywords.

These channels, divided into twelve categories, where you can find all kinds of content such as sports, films, series, video games or animals, the application takes them from different pages of the Internet. It’s important to note that even if access is free it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s legal, mainly because it doesn’t guarantee that the show was pirated.

Using and setting up Mobdro app is relatively simple and easy; in Mobdro the arrangement is more like YouTube. The videos are presented by category or by subject, and you don’t need to install extensions and addons.

Mobdro Basic Info

Mobdro IPTV App

Creation: 2010
Parent organizations: Mobdro
Application type: Video Streaming application
Commercial: Yes
Number of employees: N / A
Language: Multilingual
Registration: Required
Current status: Active

Main features of Mobdro

Mobdro App

Mobdro is an online feed aggregator. It is an intermediary application that connects to content that the service itself does not host.

Mobdro supports a wide variety of multimedia formats and incorporates features such as playlists, audio visualizations, image slideshows and a variety of third-party extensions. As a mobile media center, Mobdro can play most audio and video file formats, and display images from any virtual source, including CDs, DVDs, USB drives, the Internet and LAN.

The Mobdro TV app is a good way to kill a few minutes without having to plan what you will watch too often. This is especially handy if you like to watch “random” streamers playing games. There is a whole Game section at Mobdro that offers these streams. Each list displays the name of the game and a short line indicating who is broadcasting it.

Upon installation, the app also offers live NASA feeds, and a few news feeds that you would normally find on YouTube.

Mobdro is an application for Android devices that allows users to browse the web for free feeds, categorize them and capture them for viewing. Mobdro has no control and cannot be held responsible for the content or location of the feeds.

Since its creation, Mobdro has been a tool that constantly searches for free video streams available on the web and makes them accessible on your mobile device. Since the launch, the application has been available for download exclusively on the site, not Google Play.

Mobdro APK & Installation

Mobdro is not available on Google Play. You need to download its installer.apk file from the official website,

You can do this by opening the browser application on your phone and going to You will likely see a download warning, but you can ignore it.

How safe is Mobdro?

Mobdro may seem like a new app to those who have never heard of it before. However, it has been around for almost a decade. It is established, used by many and, as far as we know, safe.

Our advice is to always download the app from the official site. There are several other sites that host the Mobdro APK installation file, but we recommend that you avoid them.

Mobdro Reviews

User reviews on Mobdro, prices, delivery times and value for money:


It includes all kinds of thematic channels with programs, sports, series or films, always on live broadcast, and most of them very bizarre.
Mobdro also includes TV channels that broadcast all football matches and this is interesting so as not to miss anything.


  • The receptions are exclusively live.
  • Advertising: Ads are a problem at Mobdro. In the past, there was a Premium version of the service that you could pay for these zapped ads and additional features like Chromecast support. Today, advanced features are added for free, but you have to support the ads. These infest the interface and others appear every time you change the stream, and become very distracting if you switch a lot from one “channel” to another.

Mobdro FAQ

Is Mobdro available for free?

Yes, you can install Mobdro for free on your device. If you want to be able to benefit from more features, you will only have to subscribe to the premium version of Mobdro from the freemium version.

How to download and install Mobdro?

To download the application, just go to the Mobdro website, and to install it, you need to use an Android emulator: Nox or Bluestacks.

The app shows absolutely empty category lists; what should I do ?

Take the trouble to verify that your network settings are well defined;
The speed of distribution of certain content on Mobdro is slow. How to make it grow?
It all depends on the speed of the internet connection you have on your device. Make it optimal to get the most out of Mobdro.

Mobdro asks to verify my connection:

if your network settings are configured correctly, this may mean that you are using an older version of Mobdro. So be sure to download the latest version.

Does Mobdro work with Roku?

No, Mobdro does not work with Roku;

Does Mobdro work with Chromecast?

Yes, Mobdro works well with Chromecast.

Is the Stream only available in certain countries?

Some video streams are only available for specific countries. If your device’s IP does not calculate the requirement for this feed, you cannot watch it. Installing additional VPN software from the Play Store can solve this problem for you.

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